Scott Brown Evidently Found The Risks At Aberdeen Less Than At Celtic Park.

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As we all know by now, Scott Brown has rejected Celtic’s contract extension offer and has agreed a two-year deal as a player and coach at Aberdeen, due to start at the end of the season.

Which means that he will finish this campaign with us before making his departure difficult.

Scott has done the right thing by himself and by Celtic here, and I know a lot of people are not going to agree with that.

It remains true nonetheless.

We have to move past Brown and his role at our club and there were no signs that we were preparing that break ourselves.

You get the impression that there were people at Parkhead who were in total denial about his waning powers as a player and who would have given him anything he wanted to stay.

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Nevertheless, it will be taken as a snub to our club and so it should be.

Brown cannot be impressed with the way we’re pissing about on the appointment of a manager.

If he had a clear idea of what his future role at Celtic was going to be he would not be doing this.

Because let’s be honest here, the Aberdeen appointment seems … experimental if we’re being generous. Glass does not have the managerial pedigree for that role and I am astounded that their directors think that he does.

There were parties who had expressed their interest who would have been a perfect fit with the club … I was worried, at one point, that they might hire someone who, on paper, had a better CV than who we might wind up with.

But the appointment of Glass is patently ludicrous, although to be a worse option than McInnes it would have to go pretty catastrophically.

Brown has to know that this is a gamble and he has to wonder if he’s going to complete the full two years there.

I echo every single word that Peter Lawwell said about our captain in the club’s official announcement.

Brown has been a magnificent servant to Celtic and will go down in the history of our club as a genuine icon.

He deserves to be considered amongst our very finest players and captains and will go on to the next stage of his career with the gratitude of every fan.

He knows the time is right to go and that is also to his immense credit, yet I do not believe for one minute that he would have done so had we been able to offer him the clarity that he clearly would have craved.

You suspect that this club is plainly all over the place behind the scenes and Scott Brown knows that the Aberdeen opportunity, however risky, was probably less of one than standing still at Parkhead and waiting for others to get their act together.

What that we had the leadership off the field that he provided us on it.

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