Even As They Condemn Racism, Sevconia Considers Abandoning Taking The Knee.

Image for Even As They Condemn Racism, Sevconia Considers Abandoning Taking The Knee.

The Daily Mail has made a claim this afternoon which, if true, is quite unbelievable.

In the week in which the club is screaming about taking a stance against racism, the club is considering no longer taking the knee before matches and thus abandoning the Black Lives Matter campaign which almost every other club in the country supports.

This is an incredible response from their club, but one which will go down well with the hard-core right wing element of their -base which has never liked the gesture and equates it with woke culture and politics, although it has nothing to do with either.

The Daily Mail says that they might opt not to do this tomorrow before the game.

They are presumably being briefed from someone inside Ibrox.

I have no idea if this report is true, but I noticed that Connor Goldson publicly scorned the gesture at his press conference the other day, as if the abuse of one of his fellow players had rendered it redundant.

Only at could they think abandoning an anti-racism measure is an appropriate response to racism itself.

The worst of it is, the media which has spent the last few days howling about the horror of racism in football will, in all probability, find some angle with which to agree with the club.

I’m betting they won’t talk to individual players there to find out what they think of this barmy idea either.

Not all of their black footballers will support such a measure.

I can’t help but wonder if the abuse of one of their players has been hijacked by people inside the club as a means to rid themselves of something that so many of their own supporters fundamentally disagree with.

With the possibility that we could soon have fans back in stadiums before long, is this an opportunity to forestall any controversies the likes of which we’ve seen in England where fans have rounded on their own teams for it?

Either way, this is typical of the mentality which dominates at now.

To call out racism one day and then hand racists a victory the next.

If this is true then you could not ask for a clearer example of how disengaged with reality, and lost in their own heads, they are over there.

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