Date: 18th March 2021 at 9:02pm
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How on Earth did Ibrox fans get to do their little fireworks display prior to their game kicking off this evening?

How on Earth were they able to let fireworks off outside the Slavia Prague team the other night?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but lockdown hasn’t been lifted yet has it?

The politicians are .

The latest bluff from Holyrood is that the game at the weekend depends on the behaviour of their goon fans tonight. Well, if it did the game would be off in the aftermath of their latest stunt.

Explain to me how this is allowed.

You would have thought that the events of this past week and a half would have ensured a decent police presence there tonight and some actual … oh what’s the word for it again? Oh yes … policing.

You’d think that actual policing would be taking place.

But no, the Ibrox supporters have no respect for law and order and why should they when plod lets them get away with whatever they want?

At this stage you would be barmy to rule out real trouble at the weekend.

For all their “supporter groups” have given assurances to and others that they have no intention of turning up at Celtic , you would put money on them doing so.

Their total contempt for the regulations could not be more clear.

They’ve advertised it tonight, with fireworks.

I ask again, how in God’s name has that been allowed to happen?

It’s an expression of utter contempt for the of us.

They do not give a damn.