Sevco Fans Allowed To Gather Again As Gerrard Praises Midweek Law Breakers.

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Ibrox fans have been allowed to congregate in large numbers outside Ibrox today, in total violation of the law, as the manager actually praised those who turned up at Livingston on Wednesday night in defiance of the current national restrictions.

Police Scotland has allowed this. Make no bones about it.

The government can be as critical of fans as it wants to be – except, it seems Ibrox fans – but someone in some department or other should be telling them to do their jobs.

They have permitted not only an illegal gathering but the letting off of smoke bombs and flares. The morons responsible aren’t going to heed warnings; the police should have made it clear that the gathering itself wasn’t allowed.

The club has in no way made the situation any better; Gerrard actually praised the goons who turned up at Livingston the other night, and that praise, along with the police’s hands-off decision making, has virtually guaranteed that on top of everything else this city is going to be faced with a big, big problem this time next week.

“I think there are two sides to this,” he said. “It’s fantastic to see the fans back smiling and in a good place. The fans have been through a lot at this football club and if anyone deserves to be in a good place at the moment and really excited and dreaming it’s our support.”

Nowhere in there is there the slightest acknowledgement of where this country is right now or what is going on in it.

The more people flaunt these rules the further away from lifting restrictions we all are.

This is ABC stuff … and it’s high time this club was treated the same way as everyone else is.

Ibrox fans are certain to turn up at Parkhead.

And you know what? Some of our own reckless fans are liable to do the same.

What do you think the result of that is likely to be? A pitched battle on the streets?

It could have been averted this very day if Police Scotland was up to its job.

How are the rest of us supposed to follow the rules when such outrageous, public, displays flaunting them are being tolerated by those supposed to enforce the law?

The Daily Record lapped this up this morning. Only STV, so far, has pointed out that it was an open flouting of the rules and regulations everyone else is expected to live by. They have at least gotten in touch with Police Scotland for comment, not that they’ll get anything from them. What exactly are our political class going to do about it?

Will they get answers? Do they even care?

This is exactly what I talked about the other day; a club which believes that the rules do not apply to them at all.

Gerrard was more concerned with smoke bombs being lobbed onto the Livingston pitch than he was about the national restrictions; that club thinks those restrictions only apply to other people, and today Police Scotland has given them no reason to change that view.

This has the makings of a disaster, and I think that’s exactly what the country is going to get. Sevco fans are openly talking of taking over the city centre; that’s an open declaration that they no longer consider the rules to affect them at all.

When this thing explodes – and it will – then some of our political class is going to have to answer for why it was allowed.

Well those in government should take note; the whole of this island is watching as the law of the land is blatantly ignored, as the police stand and watch.

What a message it sends to the rest of the country.

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