Anti-Celtic Fool Makes Foolish Statement. Press Knows That But Still Runs It.

Image for Anti-Celtic Fool Makes Foolish Statement. Press Knows That But Still Runs It.

Read that headline and you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m talking about Kris Commons again.

In fact, I’m talking about Barry Ferguson who is even dumber than Commons and even less likely to say anything sensible, or which appeals to Celtic fans.

Ferguson thinks Celtic will be “concerned” about the “silence” from Eddie Howe and the way the announcement over whether he takes the job or not has yet to be made. Ferguson thinks this is all ominous, and The Daily Record is happy to print that stupidity although they know full well that’s exactly all that it is.

Celtic’s sources only confirmed that Howe was the candidate at the tail end of last week.

Nobody expected an announcement on the weekend, when the stock markets are shut and there are football matches to be played. Nobody thought there would be an announcement today, on Bank Holiday Monday, Easter Monday, where there’s nothing going on.

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The Record fully acknowledges all of this. They do it in the article.

Yet that same article suggests – because Barry Ferguson thinks so – that we should be worried anyway.

Although the silence is not ominous but wholly expected, as it contains no deeper meaning than that everyone is taking their time to make sure this is the right deal for all concerned.

Am I worried that Howe is considering it carefully?

No because it’s a life changing decision.

Am I worried that this deal hasn’t been done at lightning speed?

I’m concerned that the clock is ticking in the background, but I’d be more concerned if the board had made a snap decision after a boozy cup tie and appointed someone on the spur of the moment in a shower.

This one’s kind of important.

There a lot of moving parts.

We’re also trying to land a CEO and a Director of Football at the same time, and choreograph it all perfectly … it takes some doing, and I’m awfully sorry that Buckfast Barry wouldn’t be comfortable in our shoes.

Ferguson has no idea what the world looks like from our shoes; most Celtic fans I know are watching the news in anticipation, not nervousness.

I said at the weekend that this would involve waiting, and so it has and so it will and it might even be later on in the week before something definitive breaks one way or the other.

It’s largely a matter of being patient.

It’s gratifying that the media has reacted with the sort of idiocy I anticipated, with Commons and others starting to roll out the negatives and The Record now promoting the disaster scenarios.

It means that things continue to progress well behind the scenes because if the merchants of doom had anything real to go on they’d be broadcasting it through loud-hailers.

So I can handle the idiots jabbering away.

It’s amusing background noise whilst we wait for white smoke.

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