At Celtic, Nothing Is Done Until It Is Set In Stone.

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Yesterday, another brick fell out of the wall.

Nick Hammond left the club after less than a year in his full time post.

All the “work” of last season has now been undone.

The dominos continue to fall and what started as a clear-out now resembles a purge. By the time it is finished there could be more blood on the stage than at a Shakespeare play.

Last week, Keane looked to be on his way to the club. Journalists were being briefed to that effect, and the fans were mentally preparing themselves for it, few with much enthusiasm.

Today the talk is all about Eddie Howe and the press claims that he is the one doing due diligence on us.

If so, then I would welcome him more than ever.

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That’s a thinking man right there, that’s a man who studies the form book and the opposition and who weighs up the pros and cons.

Whoever it is has one Hell of a job to do and if Howe is asking around and digging into the details then we’ll know whether he’s the right man. Here’s the giveaway; if he cuts and runs then he wasn’t.

Nothing is ever done at Celtic until it is signed, sealed and delivered.

Bear in mind we couldn’t even get our main January signing over the line without tripping over our own feet. We should also be wary of not believing anything we hear, as the prevailing wind changes every day it seems to me.

There are a lot of candidates who trended and then fell out the running.

Even then, having been through this calamity of a campaign with you all, I’d be tempted to believe nothing until I actually see the guy at his press conference and hear him say how glad he is to be at Celtic Park.

Surely it’s going to be soon? I’ll believe that a deal is done when its announced or when the bookies are offering such long odds on a candidate that you know the tip-off has happened and they are getting their ducks in a row for it.

The countdown clock continues to tick.

Every day delayed is a day wasted.

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