Big Hartson Is Right. Howe Needs To Treat Celtic With The Appropriate Respect.

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Big John Hartson has given a blinding interview tonight where he’s called on Eddie Howe to show Celtic a little more respect in his dealings with us, and I couldn’t agree more.

Whatever the delay on his side is about, it’s starting to come across as egotism his rep doesn’t warrant.

I think of you polled most of our fans right now they’d vote to walk away from this guy. When I did poll on it recently, the numbers were fairly even on walking away now or giving him just a few weeks longer.

Those weeks are up and we’re no further forward.

Let’s be blunt here; Howe’s a good manager but we’re not talking about Brendan Rodgers here, not a guy who had had managed a massive club and taken them to within a hair of the EPL crown. He has a good record and serious accomplishments, but they are modest in comparison to those of other managers who were freely available.

He’s won an English Championship title. So has Roy Keane. So had Tony Mowbray before him. He needs to keep it real, he’s a fine option but not the only option. He won’t be considered for a job at a top club like Spurs or perhaps even a modestly successful side like Leicester. He’ll end up at some mid-table or lower league battler; that’s his alternatives.

Hartson is correct; the Celtic job is a “privilege.”

We are, as he says, “a global club.”

He is right that it is a “magnificent job.”

The irony is that the longer Howe is allowed to drag this out the smaller our club looks when in fact it should be issuing an ultimatum.

As I said earlier, if Howe has said that he will come to Celtic no matter what happens with the backroom team and all the rest of it, then we’re just waiting for him to sign the deal and the other circumstances aren’t really important.

But if we’re really waiting around for someone who’s not made his mind up yet then Hartson’s right; we need to issue him with a straight up choice and take it from there.

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