Celtic And The British League Questions Nobody Wants To Ask.

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Today there are more stories about this British Super League project.

We have one manager – David Moyes, of course- welcoming the idea and a club director allegedly scorching it.

Does the idea even have merit? Is it possible? And why are we talking about it now?

The idea of moving to English football divides our support. Some would be opposed to it just on general principle.

Others want to know what the price would be so they can judge whether or not the move would be worthwhile. More still don’t want to leave Scottish football in the lurch. Some worry about where we’d finish in the English set-up.

And there are some who just want to get there, and some of them don’t care how we do it.

They would take the franchise route if it was quick enough and accept an invite if that’s what was on offer.

They believe we would naturally rise to a level where we couldn’t be ignored and where our natural strength would propel us to the top of the game.

In a sense, I agree with them … but there are other considerations, and that’s what I want to do this piece on.

Is this going to happen, and what would happen if it did?

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