Celtic CEO’s Pet Journalist Was On Clyde Last Night And Confirmed His Howe Story.

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Last night I wrote a piece on how Stephen McGowan of The Scottish Daily Mail had written about Howe in his column and said that the man is now in the process of choosing his backroom team, with the move to Celtic all but sewn up.

What I didn’t know until later was that he appeared on Radio Clyde and said much the same thing; Howe is so close to the deal now that he’s choosing staff.

It appears to confirm what Alan Nixon has been saying all along, that Howe has told people he’s going to Celtic and that really all we’re waiting for now is the announcement to that effect.

Nothing is formal.

Nothing is set in stone.

No contracts are signed yet, so it’s early to be banging the drum and getting his name on the back of a jersey or anything like that.

Anybody naming their first born after him is probably jumping the gun at this time.

But it’s looking good and it might even be imminent.

Celtic will be entitled to a great deal of credit if this deal is gotten over the line.

So will Howe for not jumping in.

I’ve never believed, as regular readers will know, that he’s “holding out” for a better offer; the kind of offers likely to be available to him shouldn’t be remotely attractive next to the Celtic job and he will have confirmed that if he signs on with us.

On top of that, this guy is a stayer … we’re not talking about a Rodgers here, coming and eyeing up his next career move at the same time. This guy will come here wanting to build something.

He gets the whole legacy aspect … that’s what he left behind in Bournemouth.

Nobody would be talking to McGowan like this if there wasn’t something going on behind the scenes.

It’s hard to like the paper he works for, and his social media presence screams arrogance at you (he blocked the blog on Twitter years ago) but his information is more reliable than most and if he’s this confident then we should be fairly confident as well.

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