Celtic Demands “Clarification” On The Ibrox Five As Anger Continues To Grow.

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Celtic has now written to the SFA seeking “clarification” on why the case involving the Ibrox Five has taken so long to work its way through the system. That we have finally come out from under the bed is welcome.

That we’ve been made to is appalling.

As a member club, and one that has been treated especially harshly during this crisis, we are entitled to want answers whether people think this is “our” situation or not.

This is the week in which John Hughes decided to drag our club into a rant over referees; as far as I’m concerned, we have the absolute right to comment on this, and I’m glad we have.

Other clubs should be, because they are kidding themselves on that this doesn’t affect them. A situation where one club is allowed to game the system to its own advantage is the business of every club in the country; Hibs play them on Sunday.

I find it hard to believe that nobody there is scratching their heads over this situation.

Celtic, as usual, seems to be standing alone.

If our club seems reluctant to speak out at times it’s because of exactly that; we’re not the only club that lacks guts here.

Our statement tonight reads thus:

“There have been a number of calls for ‘consistency’ this season – we couldn’t agree more.

The SFA has dealt with other cases swiftly this season and only they can explain the timing in this case.

We have therefore sought clarification from the Scottish FA so that Scottish football can understand the approach in disciplinary cases, in the interests of transparency and consistency.”

On the surface of it, it’s not enough is it?

It’s pretty weak when you read it.

But you can bet that the language being used behind the scenes is nowhere near as temperate. The thing is, none of this is going to do the slightest good, because if talking is all we do then not one thing is ever going to change.

I know Dominic McKay doesn’t want to hear all this prior to coming in, but one of the things he’ll be judged on is how he deals with the SFA and whether our club gets real about genuine reform at Hampden with Lawwell slinking off into the sunseat.

It’s way past time that our club got serious on this stuff.

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