Celtic Fans Have No Need To Panic Although The Wait For Howe Goes On.

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On Friday I said we were in for a long weekend, didn’t I?

Especially as that weekend was going to encompass Monday as well. So it has proved to be. No announcement has been made yet on the manager, although we did get some the one on Dominic McKay.

The wait between the news stories about us wanting Howe and the moment where we appointed him was always going to be fraught and stressful. There were always going to be stories and counter stories and rumours … there’s nothing we can do about it.

We’ve made the proposition, and we’ve even come to the edge of agreeing that Richard Hughes be considered for the Director of Football role. We’ve moved towards Howe and made him a good offer. He has agreed, in principle, to join … now we wait for him to sign on the dotted line, and that’s a process that now lies out of our hands.

Yes, we could impose a deadline on it and if we’re smart we’ll have done so, but the simple fact is that the club is now waiting which means that we are now waiting.

Short of showering the man with gold there’s not a lot more that can be done here.

Don’t listen to stupid people talking stupid nonsense.

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There were some inane ramblings the other day about how Howe would be a candidate if Arsenal were to suddenly sack their manager; for starters, they haven’t, and if they did do you think it would be Howe they approached about the gig?

A club like Arsenal fancy that they can have any manager in Europe … with all due respect to our incoming boss, they will have star-studded options who have won major honours and for all I want Howe in the building he’s not done that yet.

One of the names Arsenal would be interested in would be Rodgers, who would go there in a flash, which opens up Leicester’s job of course … see, we could do this ourselves, and embrace all our worst fears and scare ourselves half to death with this nonsense.

Or we can believe in our own club and its attraction for a manager like Howe.

We can believe that if he’s verbally agreed that a man of honour would stick to his word.

We can believe that the club knows he is a unifying candidate and that the will not let him slip away for want of a few minor details.

Ten days ago it looked like Roy Keane; we’re in a vastly better place now.

So the waiting goes on, but we’ve been waiting a while already and most of us expect this deal to be done by the end of the week.

The really big thing we’re waiting for is the news as to whether Howe starts right away or in the summer … and we won’t know that until the announcement itself.

From now until then, let the rumour factory churn out its never ending garbage, and let the venom spitters amongst our critics howl at the moon.

All we have to do is shut out the white noise … the announcement will come soon enough.

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