Celtic Park Must Not Be Used To Stage The Scottish Cup Final.

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Amidst all the chatter of other things, pressure is being put on the SFA over why they should try to have fans at the Scottish Cup final. As far as most of us are concerned those having the debate can bat that ball around between themselves all day, every day, and enjoy doing it.

Because our club won’t be there, and so who cares?

A week or so ago I flagged this up after McCoist had started going on about it.

He wants the cup final to be held at Celtic Park or Ibrox if Hampden can’t have fans in the ground. Now the argument has been taken up by many in the mainstream press.

The reason for that is simple; if the Ibrox club is in the final it would need to be held at Celtic Park and they can think of nothing better.

Our fans haven’t been allowed in the ground for over a year, and after this disastrous season the return to having supporters inside our hallowed home should be to see Ibrox fans desecrate the place with their triumphalism?

This season has been so horrific that you almost think that nothing could make it worse, but something like this would do it. The club would have to agree to any such scenario and for most of it is just purely and simply unthinkable.

Even our directors wouldn’t dare.

Or so you hope anyway.

There are a lot of our fans who wouldn’t put it past them, and whilst I personally think it’s an unlikely scenario it’s worth spelling out to people inside the club just how unacceptable this idea actually is.

Ibrox fans cannot be inside Celtic Park before our own. Ibrox fans cannot come and use our ground to host their end of season party. There is no reward, financial or otherwise, that could be dangled in front of us which would make up for such a ghastly decision.

This nonsense talk should not be allowed to continue for one more minute; those pushing the line predicate it on the Ibrox club reaching the final.

Celtic should categorically rule it out before any further discussion of it is had and we should do that without delay.

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