Celtic Will Win At Ibrox Tomorrow And This Is Why

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Tomorrow is the one we’ve waited for.

This is the game which will probably decide whether this season has been a mere disaster or an all-out catastrophe, but in some ways that makes it a better occasion. We’ve lost the league and the League Cup … we badly need to finish with a trophy, and whether Gough and others want to believe it or not, it does set a marker for the next campaign.

Tomorrow will determine whether or not our players maintain a shred of their reputations as the greatest winners in Scottish football’s recent history, or if they will go down meekly, without a fight.

People have been asking all week how I think this will go, and I’ve been telling them all the same thing; I think we’ll win.

When they ask me why I tell them that there are a lot of factors, a lot of reasons, and that even one of them might be enough to get us above the level we need to find.

Taken together, I can’t see past us, and that’s me being honest.

I’m going to tell you now why I think tomorrow will be our day.

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