Celtic’s Best Natural Goal Scorer Has One Last Chance To Save His Career.

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So it seems that Leigh Griffiths will be handed a lifeline, one last chance to prove himself to a Celtic manager before he’s shown the door. Boy oh boy, he has to make something of this.

He has to grab it like the final opportunity that it is.

Griffiths has played at the top now. He’s won titles. He’s won trebles.

He’s played in the biggest club competitions on Earth.

He’s scored against England.

He’s got an outside chance of making the Euros.

But this is the last knockings for him, the last chance to show us that he’s got something to offer at this level.

Otherwise he’s washed up and done.

He’s too good not to get a contract somewhere, but it’ll be Hibs or Aberdeen or somewhere like that. There’s nothing wrong with those teams, but at 30 Griffiths should be at the absolute peak of his talents, the absolute top of his game and he isn’t.

I am not surprised to read today that the manager will give him a chance to prove himself, because if he’s even 75% of himself he will score goals, but I am going to be honest, I don’t think the odds are in his favour. We’ve seen this all before.

Rodgers ran out of patience with him. Lennon ran out of patience with him and Kennedy has barely given him a sniff. Howe will demand high standards from all his players; Griffiths all too often falls below them.

Even if he gets a new deal, it’s likely only to be for a year, until he proves himself.

If he fails to prove himself, he’ll be gone by Christmas.

Obviously I’d love to see him pull this off.

He’s a proven scorer, one of the best in the business.

There is something about Griffiths that makes you root for him even when you wonder if you should; there is a resilience there which is hard to deny.

It would also be great for our club if the player had one last hurrah in him.

Because we all know he can do the business, and we’re going to be a little short in the striking department unless we’re planning on a major splurge in that area to the detriment of all else.

One last chance then, one last chance for Lazarus to come forth.

He really needs to seize the moment, because it is the last one he has at Celtic Park.

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