Celtic’s SLO Says McKay Doesn’t Really Start Until July But That’s Not What It Seems.

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The question a lot of us have been asking for the last week is why we’ve not heard something, directly, from Dominic McKay yet.

Yesterday, things were sort of clarified for us by the Celtic SLO; although McKay is at Celtic Park working right now he doesn’t formally step into the chief executive role yet.

So the wait goes on for this guy as well. Or does it?

Honestly, you could despair at our club at times. Apparently he’s learning the mechanics of the job, which means that Lawwell is still holding the whip at the moment. I can barely think of anything I less wanted to read today than that.

I had hoped, as we all had, that McKay’s revised starting date was just that; this guy coming in early to give the whole place a jolt of electricity and action.

But no, that appears not to be the case … at least in public.

It’s clear we’re going to be forced to carry on through Peter Lawwell’s long goodbye, although what possible good it does us to have him hanging around at this point isn’t clear.

But at least now we know why McKay hasn’t got in front of the media to tell us what his vision is. The good news is, that according to the SLO’s tweet McKay will be happy to engage openly with fans when he finally assumes his role.

This doesn’t sound right to me though, and I hope you’ll appreciate why.

In this scenario, if we accept that tweet at face value, McKay won’t formally start until 1 July. He will make no key decisions. He will oversee no changes.

That would be incredible to me.

Two more months of decisions being made by a man whose tenure as CEO has ended in complete collapse? Two more months of us continuing to indulge Lawwell’s ideas for rebuilding things when, in fact, this entire process is dismantling what he built only last year?

Are we expected to believe that McKay is content to sit and let that happen around him?

That he’s content for the major decisions to be made without his input, when he’s the guy who will have to carry the weight of them when Lawwell finally packs his boxes up?

I respect John Paul Taylor hugely.

The headline is not a suggestion that John Paul Taylor is misleading us in any way, shape or form. He is not that kind of guy.

But I think McKay will be a lot busier and a lot more involved than John suggests.

As ever I am grateful to the SLO for getting us an answer on a critical issue, but don’t read too much into it.

Because it is almost inconceivable that McKay will not be involved in the massive decisions which our club has to make in the next few months.

No-one as smart as this guy would leave his own fate in someone else’s hands.

He will have to live with the changes … it stands to reason he will play a part in them.

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