Griffiths Contract Clarification Gives Celtic An Extra Card To Play In The Summer.

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Aberdeen or whoever else might want Leigh Griffiths have been dealt a blow today with the news that Celtic holds the right to trigger an automatic one-year extension on his deal.

If we held similar rights to other player’s agreements, we might not be in this mess.

The question is, is this really something we would try to do?

Is it something we’d even want to do?

Any new manager will have the opportunity to decide that for himself, but I have to be honest; I find it hard to believe any new boss would not want to check Griffiths out and see if there’s a contribution he can make.

I think we should trigger the extension.

This doesn’t mean that Leigh Griffiths’ place at Celtic is secure; there would probably have to be a sea-change in his attitude towards training and other things before any future manager would consider him crucial to the first team, but all told he does want to stay at Celtic, that is his preferred option, and he has to understand that this will require hard work.

But the club has to protect itself in the meantime, and we have enough players heading for the exits without Griffiths joining them.

On top of that, we all know that even a half-fit Griffiths can be lethal in front of goal.

Even when he hasn’t played for months, he’s capable of coming into the team and putting the ball in the net on a regular basis. Whatever the issues were, or are, between him and the management team won’t be there next season and I can see him taking any chance he’s given.

It’s not for nothing that we call him Lazarus on this site, except that he only came back from the dead once.

Griffiths has done it so often that you dare not write him off.

It’s good news that we have an extra year option, and I’ll be very surprised if we don’t trigger it.

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