Here’s One Of The Critical Real Benefits If Celtic Hires Eddie Howe.

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If, as some are predicting, we close the deal and bring Howe to Celtic Park, he comes with a great CV and a reputation for attacking football. He is a modern manager with the right outlook.

He brings a great deal of experience and the right mind-set.

But there are other benefits to bringing in Howe, and if he is going to work well with the incoming director of football then we could really have a backroom dream team on our hands.

This will be absolutely critical, in the coming transfer window and beyond.

When I’ve written about the Celtic job I’ve always hankered after a foreign appointment first and foremost; European football is where the innovators and ideas men are.

It’s where you can find weird and wonderful people trying weird and wonderful things. Those on the continent have always been ten steps ahead of football here in the UK.

But things are changing, of course, and it might well be that another manager with a keen eye and an understanding of the British game is going to be critical. In England, the transfer system has already changed, for the worse.

The full impact of Brexit on the game hasn’t been fully realised yet, but it will be.

The limitations on clubs wanting to sign foreigners will hurt.

Scotland might get a separate system; this is still being debated.

For one more window, we’ll be operating under the appeals panel system we’ve spent years using to sign players from outside of the European Union.

That is pencilled in to end when the coming window shuts.

The SFA wants a longer dispensation, and a totally separate system from England’s, citing our unique situation here and an inability to sign the finished article players.

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We might get it. And we might not get it. We have to hope for the best whilst we also prepare for the worst, and Eddie Howe allows us to do that because he knows the English market inside and out.

He has proved that he can spot a player down there and he will bring all that knowledge with him, and that of the scouts he knows and has worked with before.

Don’t be surprised if he brings half a dozen of those scouts with him; the kind of people who can identify players and help take a club from the foot of League Two to the EPL are the sort we are going to need far into the future, whatever the status of our transfer system.

This will doubtless have played into the thinking of the club when sounding Howe out. It might well be that hiring a UK based manager is the best thing we do in preparation for the coming campaign.

It could well be a game-changer for us.

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