Ibrox Stars Pitiful Wailing Shows Celtic’s New Confidence Has Gotten In Their Heads

Image for Ibrox Stars Pitiful Wailing Shows Celtic’s New Confidence Has Gotten In Their Heads

Oh the wailing was beautiful to hear!

At their weekly presser, the Ibrox contingent was positively foaming at the mouth at John Kennedy’s comments, made after last week’s mauling of Livingston, where he said that the result and performance proved we are the best team in the country.

All Kennedy did was state a fact. As I’ve said previously, the league table doesn’t lie but it doesn’t half exaggerate at times, and after a season of truly exceptional circumstances the Ibrox club finds itself top and Celtic in second. We’re supposed to believe that signifies a profound change when, in fact, it actually represents a freakish campaign.

When we show up to do business in the right frame of mine we are the best football team in Scotland. That’s just a simple truth, and all Kennedy did was express it.

I said at the weekend that I was delighted that he had and I hoped that the Ibrox players would “pin it to the dressing room wall.” All the better to look at it all week and wonder in the back of their minds if they are really as good as they are hyped.

We’ve outplayed them the last twice, and although they got a result that suited them on both occasion did they ponder Kennedy’s words and the way we so thoroughly dominated them and let the doubts start to grow?

That’s the problem with spending time raging over someone’s negative view of you … it’s basic psychology that it will start to make you question yourself.

We’ve been living with doubt and fear for too long this season. It’s good that it’s finally starting to eat away at others. Barisic called Kennedy’s comments “a joke” and wailed pitifully that they have shown his club disrespect.

Good. I am glad he’s not happy.

I am glad, indeed, that they are smarting.

Push the whole club to anger. Anger leads to mistakes.

Gerrard tried not to take the bait, but his own comments reveal that he too has had his little feelings hurt by what Kennedy said, and that, too, is just fine by me.

Our club was supposed to be terrified of this draw.

We were supposed to have reacted to it in dismay, as the one we didn’t want. Instead, many of us are rubbing our hands together at the prospect of going there on Sunday and giving them a lesson.

This was not the reaction they were hoping for. It is in the DNA of Ibrox that when they are on top they believe it’s the duty of others to bend the knee. Well, we’ve come out from under the bed at just the right time here, and they don’t like it.

Come Sunday night, they will like it even less.

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