Idiot Boyd Thinks He’s Laughing At Celtic But Really He Mocks His Employers At Sky.

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Kris Boyd used his Sky Sports News seat last night to continue to wage his petty war against our club with a snide snark about Jose Mourinho being more likely to end up at Ibrox because they are “a bigger club.”

Cue revelry amongst the goons who hail him as a hero.

Boyd, of course, is an embarrassment to Scotland and every time Sky Sports sticks him on the telly they reveal their contempt for the Scottish audience.

They may not care about that, but now they’ve inflicted this smarmy halfwit on English audiences as well.

English Sky audiences do not want to hear partisan sniping from a School For Village Idiots reject.

The show earned its reputation by offering intelligent and insightful commentary on games.

This is like The Sunday Times hiring Richard Littlejohn. There will be no new readers flocking to them on the back of it, but regular readers will be unquestionably appalled.

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Celtic fans ought not to get too bent out of shape over this eejit.

The Ibrox fans worship this guy, but then these are the same Peepul who got all excited over a video of someone drunk not that long ago; it’s like I said, the stupidest folk are the most easily amused.

Boyd’s presence on that show drags it down. It insults the viewers.

Someone at Sky thinks there is merit to having this goon on there, but that person has bosses and he or she is answerable to those bosses, and I suspect that the Boyd experiment has a very short lifespan.

There is a reason Sky’s analysis and results show is a bigger draw than the one on BT Sport, which is a rabble of egotists all fighting for your attention when actually the results and the games are all that people are interested in.

That’s why Sky has nothing to fear.

But someone at Sky evidently believes that the best way to stay ahead of an opponent you are roundly thrashing is to copy them.

It’ll never last.

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