If Cops Investigate Celtic Park Fireworks They Should Be Done For Wasting Police Time.

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Last night, I wrote a lengthy piece on the hypocrites who are lining up to squeal about allegations that Celtic fans let off fireworks at Parkhead during the minute’s silence for a notorious racist who just happened to be the late Duke of Edinburgh.

I was amazed when, before going to bed, an article suggested that the matter was under investigation by Police Scotland.

If that’s true we need our own version of AC-12 up here as soon as possible.

Get Martin Compston to run it alongside Vicky McClure and open the case against whoever thinks this is a public interest matter and do them for wasting police time.

Failing that, perhaps they can tell us how their investigations into similar actions at Ibrox went?

I don’t recall reading about those in the papers, so either they never happened or Police Scotland’s spokespeople didn’t feel the need to broadcast the story to the press.

I’m betting on “they never happened.”

Honest to God, Police Scotland comes off worse than the SFA at the moment.

You can only ask so many questions about their failures to properly police the George Square and Ibrox incidents, and to wonder why Celtic fans were being visited in the wee small hours in response to that before you start to wonder if we’ve got institutional bias here.

This is the same organisation that is being sued for tens of millions of pounds for their unprofessional – some would say corrupt – conduct in the prosecutions of those involved in the Rangers crisis in 2012.

I am way overdue the writing of a huge article on that … fortunately, events last week have brought me closer to finishing it, and I expect to do it soon.

That organisation is wholly unaccountable.

It’s not enough that its accounting department is pouring a fortune into the pockets of those they “wrongfully arrested” over that fiasco; our political class shows no signs of wanting to get to the bottom of it all.

They operate like a law unto themselves, and of course nobody bats an eyelid.

An investigation into this incident, when they have purposefully allowed so much more from the other side of the city? Hey, it could be media speculation or simply made up pish; we don’t know.

But if it’s true then the hypocrisy and the double standard and the idea of separate rules for Ibrox will stink to high heaven. Nobody should be under any illusions that it will be a clear-cut case of selective prosecution and no court anywhere should validate that.

It is a textbook example of wasting public money and police time … if AC-12 started digging into Police Scotland Adrian Dunbar would age 20 years in a week.

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