Kennedy Spoke Out Yesterday Whilst Celtic’s “Leaders” Hid Under The Bed.

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What a gutless shower we have running our club right now.

Yesterday, after the announcement on the Ibrox Five appeal, John Kennedy’s take on the matter went viral.

I agreed with everything he said, but I was also dismayed by one bit of it, the bit where he said that he was simply stating his own opinion.

That safeguarded the men him. In no way were they to be connected to those remarks. They sent Kennedy out there to deliver a message and then blunted it by making sure he was on the record as speaking for himself. That is cowardly stuff.

Our club has been whipped from pillar to post during this crisis. We acted properly over Bolingoli, we responded publicly, and well, during Dubai.

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We have taken our medicine when we’ve lost players even when that wasn’t our fault. That ill-fated and suicidally stupid trip cost us the better part of our squad and management team for critical fixtures, and we do, indeed, only have ourselves to blame for it.

We behave, always, with the utmost probity and the last time I looked we were a fully paid up member of the SPFL and the SFA, so we are fully entitled to comment on the decision at Hampden yesterday which, to me, looks about as as it can.

Gerrard spoke today.

Not only did he take a condescending tone towards our manager but he suggested that on top of losing over a dozen players to quarantine issues that we should have faced bans as well after Dubai for “breaching social distancing guidelines.”

What, you mean, like when their players had a in the dressing room after moving within a point of winning the title, and the day after at their training ground, when they had?

The sarcastic git is laughing at us, and he knows that nobody in is going to take him to task for it. That’s why our club is gutless for sending Kennedy out there yesterday to “speak for himself” instead of delivering a message on behalf of us all.

Gerrard has now directly us, and our handling of Dubai, and he’s basically said that we got off with something there; that is a blatant lie, which he’s deploying as a smokescreen at our expense.

Is our club going to respond to that, and to the situation as a whole, or are we going to send David Turnbull out next to moan a bit, but make it clear that he too is only speaking for himself? Do we ever grow a spine?

The Ibrox club has walked between the raindrops this season, and I don’t care who puts it down to luck, I don’t believe they have been .

To have not had a given against them in the league?

That’s not luck, folks, that has the reeking stink of policy about it.

The way they escaped sanction – the way they escaped – over the most serious breach of these rules by far is even worse.

Our club has watched this, frozen in place, determined it seems not to act.

Lawwell sings the praises of the governing body even as we all observe what’s going on, and as I’ve said before this will all almost certainly continue for as long as we’re willing to accept it.

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