Lennon’s Agent Hits Back Over Last Weekend. But Really, He Shouldn’t Have To.

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Last weekend, as we all know, a video of Neil Lennon went viral as Sevco social media salivated. Many of them were gleeful. I wondered then, and now, at exactly what; someone drunk? I refuse to believe that’s a new phenomenon for some of them.

What were they celebrating exactly?

That someone, on a day off, had a few beers and was somewhat worse for were? The words “easily amused” come to mind, but then that’s the mark of the infernally stupid. The words “hateful bastards” were even more appropriate to the moment.

You have to laugh at people who pour relentless abuse onto a fellow human being and then turn on those who defend him by saying “you lot were slagging him not that long ago.”

Aye, in the context of the dire job he was doing managing Celtic.

We weren’t taking pleasure in the perceived suffering of another human being.

It’s amazing that this stuff has to be pointed out to them and explained. Not that any of it gets through.

One of the arguments they put forward was that Celtic fans have “laughed at Gazza.”

Actually, no we haven’t.

Once again, that’s them.

They’re the ones who pay through the nose to sit in manky pubs watching him do the world’s worst stage show, performing for their amusement like a dancing bear, drunkenly putting forth all his bizarre anecdotes which, when you actually look at them, scream “cry for help” at you.

Their club enabled every one of his worst excess, and he is a hero over there because he embraced, in full, the darkest side of the sordid Ibrox operations.

So no, we don’t laugh at Gazza because there is nothing amusing about him.

We abhor Gazza for the racism, for the bigotry and for the misogyny. The comparisons to Lennon are ludicrous. They hate our former manager for what he is not for anything he’s done.

It is the textbook definition of racism … you know, that thing they’ve spent the last month telling us is truly an evil force in the world?

They are ridiculous.

As I’ve said before, Sevco social media is a cesspit of a place.

Their club followed English teams in a meaningless gesture of taking a week off all the platforms, when what would have done infinitely more good would have been to ask the fans to remove themselves from them all instead for a while.

The air in this country would have been a little easier to breathe.

The Lennon video has allegedly sparked a police investigation.

Well, you’d think so, wouldn’t you?

The abuse he had to put up with was shocking, and this is the country which takes that so seriously the papers want to us to review our extradition measures with the Czech Republic over it.

Except that investigation isn’t into the clowns who shot the video or who’s cowardly gutter sniping can be clearly heard on it.

No, the investigation is into Lennon himself and whether he broke the law in travelling to England in the first place.

His agent has explained all that; he was there on business – as most of us assumed – and thus was perfectly entitled to travel. Indeed, he was on the radio just yesterday covering, for TalkSport, the game in Newcastle. So really, there’s nothing to see here and there never was, unless you are a curtain twitching gossip-monger and/or a moron.

Even our media – which would never pass up the chance to secure some hits or score some cheap points with an anti-Lennon story – didn’t touch this with a 20-foot pole, because although it might be of interest to the infantile Sevco mind-set there was nothing here of “public interest” value, and I was very pleased that they chose to ignore it.

I am disappointed that we live in a time and place where Lennon’s agent needs to come out and explain this away.

He had a few drinks.

This guy suffers from depression and for months his whole world has been a flat and the training ground.

I know more than a few people who will end our first day of “freedom” in a worse state than that.

But nobody would film that.

Sevco social media wouldn’t pass it around like 1970’s public schoolboys with a scud book.

They are a grotesque lot.

As Ian Archer said of the first Ibrox operation, this country would be a better place if they did not exist.

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