McAvennie Sums Up His Worth As A Celtic Pundit. “I Haven’t Heard Anything But …”

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Loved the latest Frank McAvennie rant, which someone sent me today, in relation to the club being linked to players in spite of having no manager in the building.

The Rumour Guy wrote about one of those players the other day, and he’s writing about another of them later on, but these are rumours, there’s no proof that we’re actually out there making moves for signings.

Celtic transfer rumours are a constant.

They are a constant whether we have a manager or not, whether we are in the middle of a transfer window or not, they are a constant all of the time, no matter what we do, because people read them and that means that other people are going to write them.

There is nothing we can do about it.

But we can choose which ones we lend credence to, and which ones we don’t. That involves using a little common sense, that’s all.

Are we interested in Jean-Pierre Nsame?

If he’s not on a shortlist somewhere it’ll be a minor miracle.

Are we interested in the guy at Sunderland, Wyke, who The Rumour Guy’s piece focusses on?

He’s probably an option on some part of the long-list.

Are we offering £5 million for a central defender?

My guess would be no, because that’s above and beyond making a wish-list, that’s attempting to spend a lot of money which the next boss has almost certainly earmarked for his own priorities.

If we were doing that and there’s no manager in the building, then I’d have to say that something remains very wrong at the club and we’re not learning any lessons.

I think the Hadjuk Split story is obvious nonsense, and I don’t know why we’re giving it credibility.

Do I believe that the manager has already been appointed, in secret, and is working away already doing stuff behind the scenes? No I don’t because why would we? It’s a ridiculous suggestion.

Just think it through for a moment; the club is eating all sorts of dirt from the media, from the fans, the rumour mill is churning out endless tripe … and all this time there’s a guy in place and for reasons which nobody can state, we just won’t tell anyone?

McAvennie summed this up in the best possible way.

“I’ve not heard anything but if that report is true ….”

Uhuh. Second hand knowledge passed off as wisdom.

About what you’d get if you asked the average guy in the street.

Inside information? Not from this geezer.

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