Date: 20th April 2021 at 6:10pm
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said today that there are “no issues” with playing against Aberdeen tomorrow night.

When I heard that my only thought was “no issues, except for the obvious one, eah?” Which is that it’s a waste of our time playing some of these players any further when their futures are decided and those away from .

Soro should be playing, as he’ll be here next season.

Ajeti should be playing, as he’ll be here next season.

These guys will be mainstays of the team.

What possible profit do we derive now from playing Brown and Edouard and Christie and others?

These guys have made their minds up to go, so why are we pretending that there’s any point to being in the team?

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When do we start taking seriously the big ticking clock on this article? There are two months until the Champions League qualifiers. When do we start to really prepare for those games? At which point do we start taking them seriously?

We don’t need a new to start some of those preparations. We can be moving the players who aren’t going to be here out and putting those who will be in.

We can’t do it all.

Guys like Jack Hendry won’t have assurances until we have a new manager and it stinks that we think we can leave that matter much longer.

But the parts that we can do, we should be doing. Kennedy has a responsibility to the club to make sure that it’s in as good a place as it can be for the next campaign, and playing these want-away players who have let us down at every turn does not come close to fulfilling it.

It is high time that we started transitioning this club past these people.

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