Six Goal Rout Is A Perfect Preparation For Celtic’s Scottish Cup Defence.

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So we go to Ibrox now on the back of a six goal win. Not bad at all folks, not bad at all.

I spent some time in midweek with the guys from the Endless Celts podcast; we opened the discussion with a chat about the Falkirk game and where I noted that the most impressive thing about it was the way we ran for 90 minutes without stopping.

That’s what stood out for me, and that was in evidence again today as the team raised its game to the best level we’ve seen all season. There was also movement off the ball and a look of players suddenly reading each other’s minds in that way we were doing only a couple of seasons ago. It was the most impressive display in this campaign.

Most critically, we converted our chances into goals today, which is the area where we’ve been lacking since Kennedy temporarily took the reins. Six goals to the good today and another box has been checked, another problem has been solved.

Let’s be honest though, we all still get The Fear watching this defence; yet, today, even that looked better than it has in quite some time. We seemed more prepared at set plays; even Eddie pitched in at the back today, and showed a willingness to put his body in front of the ball.

So that looked more of a team effort than much of what we’ve seen so far in this campaign, and that too is important as we head into next weekend.

At Ibrox, they must have thought it was the perfect draw.

But we’ve outplayed them twice in a row, and the only thing that stopped us from winning both of those matches was an inability to put the ball into the net. Today we showed hunger and desire and the killer instinct; if we take that to their ground and play that well I fully expect us to win the match.

Some are going to argue – and with good cause – that this was too little too late; I subscribe to the view that whilst there’s a trophy still to be won that it’s better late than never, and if this team has started to click and the magic starting to flow again then it’s all to the good, and I’ll take it willingly and gladly as long as we shut Gerrard and his mob up.

The one obvious negative was the apparent injury to Forrest; if he makes it for next weekend it’ll be a welcome surprise.

His goal today, by my reckoning, is number 92 of his Celtic career; he’s a certainty to make the 100 now and he deserves every bit of praise that is coming his way when he does it. How great it would be if he could do it in this campaign, before it ends, at Hampden in the cup final.

How good it would be to end this dismal season on that high.

I feel a lot more confident about that this week than I did a few weeks ago.

That was the perfect performance prior to such a huge, must-win, match.

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