The Daily Record Finally Knows What CelticBlog Readers Have For Months.

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Pat on the back for The Daily Record today for their horror-struck article on the Champions League reforms and how they have little in them to benefit Scotland.

When you arrive this late to the party, is it even worth taking off your coat?

I mean, how is it possible that their editorial team only woke up this morning and twigged that the changes to the Champions League are not as good as they have been hoping for?

This website and some others have been saying this for months, whilst their newspaper has put out excited stories about the “big two” being “on alert” for the possible advantages coming their way.

Over and over again, we’ve asked “What advantages? Have any of these writers actually read what’s being proposed here?”

Apparently they have now, so that’s alright I guess.

How lucky they had a prominent Celtic Twitter user to explain it to them yesterday.

Their newspaper has the cheek to describe these changes as having happened “under the radar.”

What a dire way to excuse their own incompetence.

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These changes have been in the public domain for so long now they are monitored for mould.

This site has been writing about them.

The English media has covered the story extensively and their best journalists have forensically taken those proposals apart brick by brick. Not one element of them, when they were announced on Monday, was a surprise, far less some big secret which they only unloaded on a shell-shocked world under cover of the Super League.

The only thing “under the radar” here – or maybe we should we say “off the radar” instead, in honour of previous events – is the standard of The Daily Record’s sports journalism; so low that it doesn’t even register.

Honestly, this is lamentable stuff.

Later on, I’ll post lengthy piece on the Super League saga and the opportunity it opens up for us – a small window in which to do something momentous.

But the Super League was only an ultra-extreme version of what UEFA has already started to build.

In its own way, their own proposals are a kind of “closed shop” and the ridiculous “Swiss system” doesn’t belong near the greatest club competition in the world.

(“It works in chess,” was the ridiculous manner in which one senior UEFA executive tried to defend it not that long ago. You couldn’t even make that up.)

No, there’s nothing in there for us.

Of course there isn’t. Celtic’s representations during this have turned out all to have been on behalf of Ajax, who used ourselves and other small nation clubs to craft the “past European record” clause specifically for themselves.

It virtually guarantees their representation at the top table every year but it took away a place which could, and should, have been available to the general qualification pool.

The Record should get a medal for their brazen display today, but all they’ve done is advertise their own incompetence and lack of standards. What they delivered was not news.

It was an exercise in trying to mop up their own embarrassment.

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