The End Of This Celtic Regime Simply Cannot Come Quickly Enough.

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And so it continues; team selection roulette, with no rhyme or reason to it at all.

Kennedy’s selection tonight is so absurdly baffling, the end of this cannot come quickly enough.

What is there to learn from tonight’s team?

One up front? Against Falkirk?

Four attacking midfielders and one anchor?

If the opposition is even vaguely organised, they have a chance against us tonight.

Kennedy is doing himself no favours with that selection.

Earlier on, I talked about how let down I feel having read the comments by our ex-youth footballer Cameron Harper, on how the dressing room allowed itself to become a house divided.

Eddie Howe, if his due diligence is up to snuff, will know all of it.

Tonight he should be scrutinisng the coaches as well.

If that man is taking over this club, he will probably have a fair idea of who he wants to move out.

Everyone at Parkhead should be warned; the rest are good only as long as he believes that they can deliver.

If he’s not convinced they are on the way out as well.

I have no doubt he will be tuned into the game tonight. He will be watching everything; from the way we play, to the players who give 100%. His keen eye will be able to pick out those who are going through the motions and nothing more. They are not going to enjoy working for him and my suspicion is that some of them won’t for long.

But he will be watching the coaching team as well.

Let him try and puzzle out what formation we’re playing here, in a team with Turnbull and Rogic in it.

The players have really been dreadful this season, and we’re starting to find out why in little dribs and drabs. The whole story will out eventually, and some of these people will find their reputations in the eyes of the fans being absolutely torched.

I don’t believe that our coaches will emerge from it all with much credit.

Howe might presently be fine with keeping these guys on the books … I wonder how keen he’ll be at full time?

In the meantime, all involved have futures to fight for.

The club is about to undergo another major change in approach and policy and some of them are simply not going to be up to the standards.

Every player at this club should be on notice; if they’re not being watched already they are now.

Those who fall below his standards will not even make it to pre-season training.

As of tonight, there is no doubt that they are playing for their futures.

That includes Kennedy and Strachan … what in God’s name are thinking with that line up?

CELTIC: Bain; Brown, Griffiths, Turnbull, Kenny, Christie, Rogic, Ajer, Forrest, Welsh, Laxalt

Subs: Barkas, Taylor, Duffy, Ajeti, Soro, Edouard, Elyounoussi, McGregor, Ralston

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