The Scottish Cup Final Must Take Place At Celtic Park.

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There are two ways to backtrack; you can do it like a scolded child who’s been forced to share the birthday cake after all or you can do it with all the brazenness of a Tory minister changing a policy on the hoof because The Daily Mail has called it high treason.

Brazenly, shamelessly, then here I go!

The Scottish Cup Final must take place at Celtic Park.

This is a good idea.

Only a week ago the media was telling us so.

Hacks were lining up to propose it as the perfect venue. I disagreed with them only in that I didn’t want Ibrox fans there to pollute the place, but now that’s no longer an issue there’s a logic to it which I can’t really deny in the cold light of day. It’s the best place.

Hacks may now want to promote Ibrox; as far as I’m concerned there was nothing wrong with their original idea and I feel foolish having denied its good sense!

It’s the biggest ground in the country. It’s the easiest to put social distancing in place for. It’s just a nicer place all round. There are many good reasons to do it from a logistical point of view.

There are also good reasons to do it from the perspective of helping teams out.

Let’s start with us; Scottish football needs to stand by its teams and we need the money.

The Ibrox club doesn’t; they are the ones who have “zero debt” right?

They are the ones we’re always being told are financially robust … if you believe the “finance expert” over on Football Insider we’re the ones sinking like a stone, so the SFA needs to throw us some scratch.

For the good of the game, you understand?

I think it would be great for the two clubs likely to be in the final.

Especially if St Johnstone happens to be one of them.

There is a certain sense in allowing the club which is on the brink of being the second most successful Scottish side of the decade win that accolade at the home of the most successful. It’s their way of saying “we’re coming after you.”

And honestly, I kind of like that.

I kind of like the whole idea, and since this idea was all the rage last week and being widely promoted I look forward to reading the editorials which continue to endorse it.

Because I know why I’ve changed my mind on it; I’m just not sure how last night’s result justifies any of them doing the same.

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