Why Kennedy’s Comments Today Are Simply Not Acceptable To Celtic Supporters.

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For the last week I’ve been urging patience, and suggesting that we might have to wait a wee bit longer for Howe.

I urged it again this afternoon.

But patience has limits, and John Kennedy today made a statement which fundamentally crossed those lines.

He suggested that appointing a manager “for the sake of season tickets” would be the wrong thing to do.

I can’t be the only person who read that in disbelief, and even anger.

If Kennedy is suggesting that Celtic fans will be asked to renew their season tickets before there is clarity on who the manager is going to be – if he’s suggested that this is somehow an acceptable state of affairs – I’ve got to say that he’s absolutely wrong.

Celtic is, in effect, asking us to trust them to make the right call.

Kennedy says that it’s important that this process take time.

It’s been six weeks since Lennon was relieved of his duties.

We all knew that it had to be done a long time before that.

How much more time does he think this process should take?

Frankly, it’s stretching the fans patience that we don’t have clarity on it already.

I’m all for waiting another week, just to make sure that we get the Howe deal over the line.

Anything longer than that becomes ridiculous.

If Howe wants to stall and keep waiting for the move from England then we should cut him loose and let him pursue whatever other options he wants, but only if we have a Plan B.

The idea that season ticket forms will go out and be returned before this issue is settled … that’s a joke, that’s an absolute non-starter.

Trust these people to get this right?

When they seem unable to put one foot in front of the other?

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One of the reasons Howe can drag this out is that he has no idea who he’ll be working alongside at Parkhead, because we still haven’t hired a Director of Football.

How long does it take to complete that process?

Why does this look like the same old shit from Celtic, stumbling from one crisis to another, as if we’re just hoping all the pieces fall into place?

If Celtic’s directors want trust they need to demonstrate basic competence first and I think we still look a long way from that.

I can’t help but look at the way McKay has been drafted into his job two months earlier than he was meant to, and wonder if this is either the club asking him to come and sort this mess out or him wanting to come in earlier because he sees what a shambles it is and realises that if it continues down this road he will inherit a disaster zone.

To be frank, this board blew its right to ask to be trusted with the way they did the Lennon appointment. Then, too, we were all led to believe that there was a process being undertaken, that the club was looking for the right man.

Then, too, season ticket holders were being asked to renew on the basis of trust, on the understanding that we were seeking to replace Rodgers with the right calibre of manager.

The Lennon appointment, and the shoddy cynical exploitative manner of it, erased their right to be taken on trust at a stroke.

As long as fans don’t have clarity on who the manager is going to be there’s a risk of us waking up one morning to find Jack Ross or even John Kennedy in the dugout for next season, with our money already safely tucked up in the bank.

These people have burned their bridges on this stuff as far as trust goes.

How dare they use their glove puppet, the interim manager, to lecture us and suggest that fans cast aside their doubts and fears and follow them with blind faith, with nothing more to go on?

This looks from the outside like a rapidly evolving car-crash of a close season.

We’re just over two months away from the start of the Champions League campaign, and the uncertainty is growing instead of reducing.

Patience is one thing, but Kennedy’s comments today are nothing but taking the piss.

Fans cannot be asked to part with their money without some certainty as to who’s going to be in charge.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is talking bollocks.

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