Zero Tolerance For Racism In Scottish Football Eah? Let’s Just Wait And See.

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Tonight, an absolute storming story about naked racism from someone at Ibrox.

Honestly, all of you need to read the above-linked story … incredible.

Congrats to the online brigade who flagged this this evening, and well done in particular to the bhoys and ghirls of Indy Celts for doing the first of what I hope are many articles on this, and I hope that some of them are from the mainstream media.

One of the reasons I found it so difficult, if not impossible, to take Ibrox’s extreme stance on Glen Kamara seriously is that I know that, historically, inside the walls of that club that they don’t take this stuff seriously.

Kamara is one of their own players, which to me is the only reason they care. It was the way the whole club played the victim card and then tried to exploit this to bolster their own image that stuck with a lot of us.

Kamara was the victim. The Ibrox operation wasn’t, but they certainly played their hand well.

But nobody outside of our media took that seriously because only our media is capable of the suspension of belief that it would take to do so. The rest of us snorted derision and waited for a moment like this, a moment that was sure to come, because this is who they really are.

So tomorrow, when the press has had a chance to scrutinise this, I hope they demand to know who it was and then demand that this individual is punished for it.

I’m not a vengeful or vindictive person, so if it was a player I won’t be calling for a life ban or anything like that, although as a Catholic I feel particularly offended and as someone who knows a lot of Irish Catholics I know they’ll be even more offended.

UEFA mandates that racism carries a ten match ban.

A lot of the media think it should carry a much stiffer sentence.

Well as I said, I’m not going to be vengeful or petty here … if this carries the same penalty I don’t think many of us will be terribly put out.

But since we’ve established that this stuff is just plain wrong, indefensible and that our game is all about zero tolerance, I await, with a great deal of interest, the consequences of this.

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