Celtic Offer The Fans Definitive Assurances On Season Ticket Rumours.

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Celtic have today responded to my earlier article, and to rumours on social media that suggested that some of our fans have had money removed from their accounts by the club, in relation to season tickets.

The club has said that this is not the case, and we should accept those assurances and consider that one resolved.

The issue as to season ticket pricing has not been addressed directly, but it does seem as if prices will be frozen for the next campaign.

At this point it is probably worth stressing that a price freeze does not mean that the club will not have something to offer to sweeten the deal.

The details of that remain to be seen.

Celtic’s swift response to this query is an excellent example of the club doing its job in a purposeful and correct fashion.

When the fans raise serious questions like this it is good that club itself gets the facts out as soon as possible; it has been the curse of this whole year so far that stories like these have been allowed to fester and lead to issues of trust.

This is perhaps a sign that the club’s communication strategy is undergoing some much needed changes.

At the same time, we have to remember that although we have issues with those at the top of the house there are a lot of people within the club who’s only focus is in working hard on behalf of the fans and seeing to it that we get the best possible service.

Whatever our issues are with the directors, those people deserve our full respect and support from the SLO to those who have roles behind the scenes, and it’s those people who have gotten back to me on this issue this evening and I am happy to put the facts into the public domain on their behalf.

Bravo to the club for responding so swiftly to what was a very serious issue.

This is much more like it. If everyone at Celtic was willing to offer the fans direct information like this we wouldn’t have so many rumours and counter-rumours flying around.

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