If Celtic Win At Ibrox Tomorrow Watch How Our Press Spins For The Home Team.

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If we pull off the victory tomorrow, if we go to Ibrox and this side finds itself able to do what it hasn’t done this season so far, then the media will have to do some pretty major spinning.

But they will certainly try to. We know that much already.

I thought our performance in the Scottish Cup game was pretty abysmal.

But it’s clear that we made enough chances to have won the match.

The last two performances in the league somehow only delivered a single point. I refute the suggestion that we’ve been unlucky; luck doesn’t come into this stuff. But we’ve deserved more than we got.

If the shoe was on the other foot, the press would be talking about how the Ibrox club had proved that the gap in the league was illusory.

With a new manager on the brink of coming in, they would be talking about how even in this disastrous season there were signs for the new guy to be optimistic.

On top of that, imagine that it was us who had blown an opportunity at the Scottish Cup to cap the season. Imagine we then went on to lose the unbeaten record that we’d been banging on for so many months about. Think of what the media would be saying then.

If we win tomorrow, you’ll read none of that.

The match will be put down as an unimportant end of season game with nothing at stake except that unbeaten record, which will suddenly be what all of us have said it is anyway; inconsequential next to our Invincible campaign.

But do not ignore the signs that all isn’t at rosy at Ibrox as it might seem.

We have had the better of them in recent matches, and they’ve looked shaky whenever they’ve been put under the microscope.

In different circumstances – and not even radically different ones – the league table might look a lot better than it does; our record against them certainly would.

The story won’t be us tomorrow if we win; the story will be them and their inability to close the deal and sign off the season the way they’d have wanted to.

They’ll have shown they aren’t cut off for the strain of life at the top … they will have their title yes, and this was a terrible time for us to concede one to them.

But it’s all they’ve have and not for long.

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