Just Win For God’s Sakes Celtic. Just Win.

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I don’t care who goes out there today and plays for himself. Let the whole team do it. As long as we win the damned game.

I don’t care who goes out there and plays for a move. Half of the team won’t be here next season so every one of them who’s going should have one eye on their future this afternoon and I hope they do. Just as long we bring back the three points.

I don’t care who goes out there and plays for pride. Pride is all some of them have left at Celtic Park, and it must have taken a battering this season. Just so long as in avenging their wounded sense of it they do enough to secure us a victory.

I don’t care who does it for the fans. We are due some of that consideration, and some thanks and appreciation for what we’ve put up with this season. It will be good if they do it for us, but I just want a good game and a good result for once in this horrible campaign.

I don’t care who goes out there and plays for Kennedy. The papers would have you believe that a lot of these guys want him to stay and will run their legs off for him. Good, if that’s what it takes and that gets the job done then by all means go out and do it for him if we are the winners at the end.

I don’t care who does it because football is their job. Winning is literally written in the contract and you don’t get win bonuses unless you actually … ahem, win. Just so long as it they do win and they can have all the win bonuses they want.

I don’t care who does it because they hate the Ibrox club. It’s as good a motivation as any. Just as long as they focus, keep their heads and power through the match and at the end of it the home club is smarting after its first defeat in the league.

These players have let us down at every major turn this season. There are rumours of a fragmented squad where’s everyone’s pulling in different directions. That’s failure and most specifically, a failure of management in not sorting that out sooner.

So I don’t care how many separate motivations there are out on that pitch today. I don’t care how many players are part of the clique and how many aren’t. I don’t care who’s on the outside and who’s inside the wee warm circle at the heart of the club … none of that matters to me today and it should not matter to any of them either.

A house divided cannot stand, and so I don’t give a toss what it takes today but this team has to come together as a team, one last time, and if everybody out there is fighting today for their own reasons I do not care as long as they do it together, and back each other up and fight for every ball and ram every bit of egocentric boasting down the collective Ibrox throat until they choke on it.

Just win it, Celtic. Whatever it takes.

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