Celtic Fans Couldn’t Care Less How Desmond Feels About Eddie Howe Now.

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Kris Commons is getting a lot of ink today for suggesting that Dermot Desmond will hold a grudge against Eddie Howe for making a mug out of him and Celtic. I am certain that Eddie Howe will not be shaking in his boots.

I am certain no Celtic fan even cares.

Unless Desmond’s hiring a hit-man Howe and his people will be entirely untroubled by what a living soul connected to our club thinks of all this. He’s getting on with his career.

If Desmond is sitting at home nursing grievances and sticking a pin in a sandy haired voodoo doll, then that seems to me an entirely inappropriate use of his time.

The absentee landlord, if he’s in an aggrieved mood, should probably be looking closer to home, and unleashing his fury on those who truly deserve it; his CEO, and maybe his incoming one, his equally absent chairman and the board that presides over an ever expanding fiasco.

And if really wants to point some righteous wrath somebody’s way I suggest that there are plenty of people at Ibrox that he can unload it on if he gets his act together.

Commons says Desmond hates being turned down or thwarted; if that was true we wouldn’t need to worry.

Howe would be manager already, and for months.

Because Desmond has a big chequebook and the bank balance to make sure he’s never thwarted when it really matters … but of course, that’s his money, nor ours.

It is true that Desmond looks like an absolute mug here.

If the reports are to be believed, Howe sat in his living room and agreed to take the job.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain said the other day that Celtic even got a “memorandum of understanding” from Howe on the matter, which is as close to a legally binding contract as you can get.

But Phil said whoever drafted it left enough holes in it to drive a tank through.

Which is what allowed Howe to pull out.

I’m certain that Desmond is not happy.

He’s been made to look a complete fool by people inside and outside the club but if he’s spending even a minute on Eddie Howe then that’s a minute more than the former managerial target deserves.

There are bigger fish to fry.

Celtic fans would rather he focussed on that.

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