Celtic Fans Should Be Pleased That Leicester Leads The Way For Edouard.

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The continuing drum-beat of rumours over Odsonne Edouard would have annoyed me not that long ago; indeed, nothing would have pissed me off quite like it.

But as this season has gone on, and in particular now that it’s coming to an end, I find myself and more and more looking forward to his eventual departure, with us getting a pile of money for him.

The good news here is that there is likely to be a mini-auction for his services.

The even better news is that there’s at least one interested party who will drive the price up. That club is Leicester. I am pleased that they are leading the line on this.

Leicester may be in the Champions League next season and featuring in the latest euro odds; that means they’ll have the money to get the auction off to the right start. Arsenal are looking for a striker; they are linked with Dembele as well as Edouard.

It depends on who they see as the better option.

Rodgers can spot a player and if he’s the first in the queue that will be a good sign to the rest of the clubs in England that although he’s had a disappointing season here in Scotland he remains a fantastic player.

Rodgers’ interest justifies our price tag.

Once they submit an offer we’re off to the races, and that will flush out the interested parties who are lingering elsewhere. There is some debate as to what we can get for the player; I’ve never thought that we would get less than the £20 million, and I still don’t.

Edouard really hasn’t kicked his backside for us in the last 12 months, but clubs will have watched more than just our dead-rubber matches and they will be aware that life at Celtic hasn’t been a picnic over the course of this campaign.

They will have watched him score for fun for the French Under 21’s as well, and that’s one of the best football finishing schools on earth.

I rated Eddie as the best Celtic striker since Larsson, and had he continued to score goals for us and not caused any problems I would be depressed at the prospect of his departure. No longer.

The longer this season has gone on the more tired I’ve gotten watching him; his dire performance, his total lack of application and interest, in the cup game was the last straw.

All I want now is the money for him, and I don’t care if the cheque comes from Brendan Rodgers and his club. Frankly, he owes us. Giving us a large wedge for Edouard can be the last great act he does us as this era comes to an end.

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