Celtic Fans Shouldn’t Expect An Earth Shattering Announcement Tomorrow.

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Is there going to be a big announcement at Celtic tomorrow? Possibly.

There are some signs that there might be, if you know where to look for them.

That’s why the headline doesn’t read “there will not be” and instead suggests we shouldn’t expect one.

If anyone knows something they aren’t telling.

Paddy Power still has Eddie Howe at 4/9 … to get £4 back you need to put £9 on. It’s not tempting, but it’s not the kind of lop-sided equation which tells you that something is a done deal.

The media isn’t telling, even if the “in the knows” have information.

Those things are pretty suggestive of things still moving at a glacial pace.

I’m not saying it won’t happen … I’m saying I don’t expect anything and nobody else should be either.

To me, the timing is wrong.

That sounds ridiculous when you consider that I’ve been talking about how much time we’ve wasted; let me explain.

The timing is wrong because nothing’s really different here than it was last week.

If Howe is waiting on the coaching team from Bournemouth those issues are yet to be resolved.

Those inside the club don’t see yesterday’s result as any worse than the cup defeat; indeed, it may be even less important to them than that one was and they didn’t make a big announcement the day after that.

There hasn’t really been a dramatic change in circumstances.

Some of my friends have heard that it’s tomorrow.

Phil has heard that and it’s very difficult to dismiss that as mere speculation.

If the announcement does come, then a lot of people who have continued to doubt that man are going to owe him an apology and some belated acknowledgement. He is not the only person saying this, but he was the first.

It’s not that I doubt that this is going to happen, I’m just refusing to get my hopes up about it. I’m just refusing to get carried away and swept along with the speculation and the hype.

I think we’re due some good news but I won’t hold my breath for it.

Our club, in case you’ve not noticed, is a dysfunctional place.

We don’t have a director of football yet, and you’d assume that position would be filled before this one.

That we’re still scrambling about in both areas is pretty shocking, and I don’t expect that we’ll have a manager before his boss is already in place, unless we aim to unveil them as a “dream team.”

We certainly can’t appoint a manager and leave the other top position unfilled; the director of football is the key to making sure that there’s no interference in the football department from those who aren’t qualified to do so.

Honestly guys, I hope I’m wrong. I hope my bad vibes are just the remaining vapours of this dire season but I am not spend tonight looking forward to something that might not come.

This past year – indeed every day since 25 May 2019 – has taught me to be cautious and not to expect too much from the people who run this club, two of whom I’ve already written “Guilty Men” articles about – Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond.

That Lawwell is still involved in the decision making process frankly stinks. That Desmond still lets him play a role in it is the ultimate absurdity of this dreadful campaign. The man who is most responsible for making this mess is trusted to fix it?

That’s why a lot of people wonder if things really are all calm, and progressing behind the scenes … or is this Lawwell, again, penny pinching and playing poker with Celtic’s future, protecting his own status for whatever time is left or whatever he deludes himself it will be in the future.

I have no more faith in this people. My hope still lies with Dominic McKay soothing any incoming manager’s very real concerns … if we do close this tomorrow it will be in no small part because he is finally in the building, if not in the job.

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