Celtic On The Brink As Lawwell’s Pet Journalist Claims Howe Talks Have Collapsed.

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Oh man, we’re off to the races now friends and neighbours.

According to Peter Lawwell’s pet hack, Celtic’s talks with Eddie Howe have collapsed over issues relating to his backroom team. Which if true doesn’t mean anything good, and there’s simply no way to spin this as other than a complete disaster.

Because, of course, it means that we have waited months on a candidate who hadn’t given us anything stronger than a maybe. It means that not only have we squandered that time – which we needed to get things done – but that we are now desperately flailing, with time already running out, to appoint a second choice or third choice or worse.

And above and beyond that, whoever is next approached knows that, and will have the ability to lead us a merry dance over negotiations. If this is true, then those at Celtic are guilty of mismanagement to a truly momentous degree … some of the worst in the history of the club.

This would confirm every single one of our worst fears about the directors, the CEO and the entire upper management of the club. For over a month only the sincere belief that they surely couldn’t be this incompetent, that they surely couldn’t be this unprofessional, that they surely couldn’t be this irresponsible had kept the lid on the pressure cooker.

Every single one of us believed that things must have progressed behind the scenes to the point where we the signature on the contract was nothing but a formality. Every single one of us believed that the deal was only being held up by contractual issues on the Bournemouth side and that once those were resolved that the deal would be concluded quickly.

If we’re really hung on all these months without something concrete, that’s one of the greatest and most calamitous disgraces in the history of Celtic, and those in charge of the club richly deserve every single piece of criticism and gleeful mockery that is surely now coming their way.

If this report proves to be true – and McGowan broke the Eddie Howe talks story in the first place and was fully briefed over the summer – then the mess we’re in is enormous and casts a dark shadow not only backwards but forwards to next season as well.

Every single supporter of the club is going to be faced with a dramatic and horrible choice; do we continue to support this board of directors which has proved itself absolutely unfit for office or do we hold our noses and continue to look as if we seriously endorse this shit-show – for that is what it is – and give them a legitimacy that they simply don’t deserve?

For me, that’s a simple one.

If we waited on Howe without a commitment from him, through three months when the clock ticked down … well that, on its own, regardless of whether we secure him or not, is reason enough for me to devote myself fully to campaigning until every member of the current board is gone. Because this is not simple mismanagement, this is something much worse.

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