Celtic Thanks Those Who’ve Already Renewed As Fan Group Suggests Holding Off.

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The big debate is in full swing; to renew or not to renew? I suspect that most fans will.

But on the day the club is thanking those who already have, The Green Brigade are urging those who haven’t yet to hold off on it until things at Parkhead are a little clearer.

I understand why some fans renewed without thinking twice.

All I’m going to say to those people is that you don’t get to complain if the club screws up the manager appointment.

You’ve already told the board that “faithful through and through” is a literal thing and that they can have your money every year heedless of what else is going on.

I don’t mean to sound harsh … but there’s a reason there’s a deadline on these things and renewing on day one sends a very clear signal that nothing can dissuade you.

This board loves that. They feel no pressure. They wish everyone did the same.

I’m with The Green Brigade. Not only is there no need to renew at the minute, but this is the one chance the supporters have to send the club a message which will cut right through the white noise.

If they think they can delay critical decisions, then fans can certainty delay this one.

The board has done nothing to justify any benefit of the doubt.

Indeed, they’ve done the opposite.

The last time they sent out renewals without us knowing who the manager was going to be we ended up with the Shower Scene From Hampden. They’ve treated the fans with utter contempt.

To think that tens of thousands would renew season tickets during this period of chaos and uncertainty is the most contemptuous thing they’ve done yet.

Even though the Howe deal seems just days away, the club has some balls asking fans for their trust.

Their email today thanking those who already have contains at least one barb at those sitting and waiting; I am not surprised at the not-so-subtle attempts at emotional blackmail.

If you haven’t renewed yet but are thinking of doing so soon please, take a moment and think; this is your last chance to send this board a proper message.

Once you renew that opportunity has been lost for another year.

In holding off you are not harming the club, you are letting those in charge know that their performance is unacceptable and that they must give you some surety about who will be in charge and what the plan is before you give them a penny.

That message needs to be sent.

These people have no respect for the fan-base, and the Green Brigade are right.

This is the time to teach them some.

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