Celtic’s Farcical Managerial Hunt Has Surely Entered Its Final Week.

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For those who visit this website and think this is getting ridiculous, friends, this had gotten ridiculous months ago.

If our directors didn’t know back in November that we needed a new manager and that it was vital to get him in as quick as possible then they are dumber than even our worst interpretations of this dreadful campaign.

This should have been resolved far in advance of the end of the season, all the better to let the new guy come in and stamp his mark on the team.

The delay is inexcusable, and whilst I’m no longer placing any store in phony deadlines invented by the press or suggested by the “in the knows”, this is surely the final week in which this little farce can continue to be played out.

Because the week after, season ticket forms go out and this club has to at least start building some positive momentum towards those, because right now there’s none of that.

It may well be that there are people inside Parkhead arrogant enough to think they can get away with doing nothing regardless; I would caution them against such a myopic approach because the anger and frustration has not abated one bit.

Just because we’re not all protesting outside Celtic Park doesn’t mean that we’re not very pissed off with our so-called custodians, who wrecked the last campaign and seem quite relaxed about the damage they have already inflicted on the next one.

But season ticket sales require a marketing campaign, and whose face are the club putting front and centre for that? David Turnbull’s?

Come on. We’re losing Edouard, Ajer, Christie, Brown … to generate any real level of interest this club needs to put a figure of stature on that publicity, and that takes time to organise and do.

So the announcement needs to be soon.

The entire marketing and commercial department at Celtic Park stands ready … all they are waiting for is a name. All they are waiting for is the green light to start getting things organised. We aren’t the only ones waiting, much of the club is waiting along with us.

And on top of that, so are the coaches and the players … it is lamentable that nobody from the football department has been given the least consideration here by those above them.

That stinks to high heaven. It shows the contempt radiating from the top of the club downwards, including almost everyone who works for Celtic in a non-executive capacity.

So this week. It has to end this week, because it’s gone on too long already.

If they haven’t closed a deal by now then why should we trust them to ever get it right?

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