Celtic’s Letter To Fans Says “Trust Us And Give Us Your Money.” It’s A Joke.

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Celtic has finally “communicated” with the supporters and it is a masterful exercise in using a lot of words to say absolutely nothing at all. What comes across most is that it’s a plea for “continued support” and for fans to have faith.

But the statement offers not one piece of concrete information or encouragement to us.

There is no information in it which would lead us to conclude that the club should be trusted to do things right.

There is at least one major, notable, omission from the letter as well … apart from the signature on the bottom to tell us in whose name it’s being issued. I’ll get to that later.

I take absolutely no heart from that letter whatsoever. None.

It is not even that the information in there is vague; it is non-existent.

The one area where they seem to be offering clarity is in relation to the season tickets; they are sending the forms out “soon” and my money in on us still being clueless as to who’s going to be in charge when they do.

It’s a joke, to be honest. That letter is a waste of club paper and a waste of all our time.

I would rather the club said nothing at all than nothing like this.

There’s not even an apology in there for the season, just vague expressions of regret, a kind of “aw shucks, wasn’t that disappointing?” shrug, as though all of this were nobody’s fault and just one of those things that happens sometimes.

Honestly, this isn’t reaching out, it’s pissing on fans from a great height.

It’s 72 days since Lennon went, and the inevitability of the decision must have been clear far in advance of that, so you really have to ask yourselves how long this sort of thing needs to take?

I’ll tell you this; no other club in Britain – no other club, and I sincerely believe that – would have taken this long to interview candidates and get one of them over the line.

We are being asked to believe in people who have done nothing to inspire that belief in a long time.

When they last had a managerial decision to make, they said all the same things as they’ve said in this belated communique.

That was when the season ticket forms went out in 2019, and lots of people bought those tickets on the basis that, with ten in a row up for grabs, that there had to be a top class boss on his way to replace Rodgers.

Instead, Lawwell hired Lennon and put fully one third of the Rodgers compensation package in his own pocket, after telling us that there had been lots of interest in the job but they stuck to the man they knew and put all the other CV’s in the bin.

If I find it hard to trust that man and those above him I only have to think of that, and the months in which they retained Lennon and accused us of being “entitled” and then put up the fences.

Oh yes, and 72 days and counting, and no end in sight.

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