Charlie Nicholas’ Latest Nonsense Should Be The Point Our Club Says “Enough.”

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I don’t know how long it’s been since Charlie Nicholas was at Celtic Park on “official business” or when he was last there as a guest.

I imagine it’s been a long, long time since he was there as a paying customer. He probably thinks giving back to this club – or indeed any club he’s ever played for – is beneath him somehow.

I do know this; after his latest disgraceful media rant he should never be allowed back, and I’m not talking about something so simple as a media ban but a lifetime ban, which includes sitting in the stands as a supporter, as if such a thing would ever dawn on him.

Nicholas has chosen the events of the weekend as his latest avenue of attack in his decades long vendetta against our club, to say that neither of the Glasgow clubs would be allowed to join the English league because of those scenes, as if there were people wearing our club colours mixing and mingling with the dregs of Ibrox.

Let’s face it, if Andy Walker was banned for telling simple truth and stating bald facts, no matter how unpalatable they might have been to those running our club then Nicholas’ attempt to turn #sevcosshame into something afflicting Celtic ought to be the moment when he is told he is no longer welcome in the building.

The language of zero tolerance is in the air here, and for the first time in decades some in the media and the chattering classes are focussed on the real problem and the real club, and the ancient and evil mind-set which surrounds them … zero tolerance should start with anyone who even attempts to make the false equivalence arguments, no matter who they are.

Nicholas has been heading for something like this for years, and it won’t even come as a surprise to him if the club so acts.

His comments here are especially shocking because the whole of the UK is watching those scenes and too many lazy narratives down through the years have been spun about this “two heads on the same coin” garbage and we really cannot allow those disgraceful scenes at the weekend to in any way touch us.

A very public ban for Nicholas for daring to suggest it would send the right message.

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