Check Your Banks, Because Celtic Might Already Have Your Season Ticket Cash.

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The online forums are buzzing with anger today as people report that Celtic has – without warning – taken season ticket money for the coming campaign out of the accounts of some fans.

I’m still trying to get something official on this but I’ve spoken to a couple of people who said that it has happened to them, and they aren’t happy about it.

Others I’ve spoken to have had emails confirming the price of next season’s tickets, with no reduction whatsoever.

A third group, including many people who have multiple season tickets for their household, have heard nothing at all.

It’s another PR disaster … a completely botched job of communicating to people.

And if the club is already whipping money out of accounts it’s much worse than that.

On a day when I try to post a couple of pieces extolling the good things about the club – the fans and the foundations – the internet is on the edge of eruption as some people have heard nothing and others report hearing stuff they can barely believe.

Celtic owes us answers on this one pronto because it would be an appalling breach of faith and trust if the club had done this without consultation of any kind.

I don’t even want to hear garbage about things being difficult because of the health crisis, it’s an excuse that simply won’t wash if the club has started deducting people without a single word in public.

Do they really think they can pull this kind of bullshit on their own fans?

The anger which has been bubbling away for months will erupt as full-on rage if the club is doing this.

This is one on which they owe us immediate explanations.

If these stories are false then someone at the club has to say that – publicly.

But a friend of mine has already emailed me a screengrab of his season ticket price, and it’s the same as the last campaign. Others are reporting that their e-ticketing accounts are updating saying that the ticket for next year is paid.

A couple have even reported that the money is not in their banks.

I advise everyone with an e-ticketing account at Celtic to check it … without delay.

For sure, it doesn’t even look as if there’s even talk of “added value” this time around … just a hand in our pockets when people aren’t looking.

If that’s true, then really, even for a guy in my position, with this job, “words fail me” is the only appropriate response.

The alternatives are all highly inappropriate, at least to write on a site like this.

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