Danny Mills’ Comments On The Celtic Fans And Howe Are Ignorant And Stupid.

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The awful Football Insider continues to turn out the worst sort of content, and today it was the turn of that English footballer you’ve barely heard of, Danny Mills, to offer his “opinion” on Celtic and our supporters, with an article saying that Howe’s “delaying” will turn fans against him before he’s even in the job. What absolute garbage.

“Celtic fans will easily turn on Eddie Howe if he becomes their next manager because of his reluctance to initially accept the job,” reads the opening paragraph of their latest dreck. Because Mills says so.

Mills is another in a long line of ex-pros that site has trotted out to have his say on stuff he knows nothing about.

The conceit behind that site is that former and current players have some special insight that the man in the street just doesn’t have … over and over again it’s as if they have set out to thoroughly debunk that theory at every turn.

Mills is based in England. He probably knows fewer Celtic fans than his pal Alan Hutton who frequently comments on our club in spite of his allegiances being fairly well known.

Normally I wouldn’t bother with anything that appears on that site, but a mainstream publication has chimed in by giving the article more credibility than it deserves, and that publication is none other than The Scotsman.

That newspaper is filled to the rafters with fourth rate “journos”, but Craig Fowler is amongst the worst and this is his latest masterpiece.

There is not a single word in the article which offers the least bit of insight.

It’s a cut and paste job, a style that has become the stock-in-trade of “journalists” in Scottish football, those who’ve never had an original thought in their lives.

It would be bad enough if these guys were copying stuff that made some sense or counted as actual news, but the opinions of an ex-player who couldn’t find Celtic Park with a Satnav and a Sherpa guide, and somehow thinks he’s qualified to tell the world what our supporters will do is not remotely to be taken seriously.

It is laziness at best with these hacks.

Celtic fans will be delighted to see Howe in the building.

Most of us recognise that the only thing that matters is getting the deal done; if Celtic had the slightest doubt about Howe’s intentions we would not have waited this long on him.

The people who count at Celtic Park believe that this guy is coming and that only the fine details need working on.

Amongst Mills’ many “insights” into our thinking is that we would think Howe had chosen us as his “second best” option … and that we would worry that he was only at Celtic for the money.

Can you imagine how stupid you have to be to think Celtic fans would reckon Howe had turned down EPL riches because he didn’t fancy certain clubs down there … but was only at Celtic for the cash?

I mean God almighty. Who’s brain comes up with that?

This idea that Howe is waiting for a call from England is one that the media is determined to stick with.

So I know already that there will be articles from almost the minute he is appointed which link him to a move back to England … it the inevitable crap that Celtic fans must endure.

Funny that you rarely read such articles about the alleged genius over at Ibrox, who of course cannot be seduced by English gold or the prospect of managing in their top flight.

I mean seriously … there’s no point in Celtic fans boycotting the mainstream media if it’s to switch to reading stuff like what Fowler and Mills and that site have put out today.

Mills knows not one thing about Celtic fans and how we think … giving his opinions any kind of weight is a joke, but then the Scotsman specialises in trolling people with the idea that it’s a newspaper.

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