John Kennedy Does Not Deserve To Remain At Celtic Park.

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As far as I’m concerned, this is the day that seals it for me.

The day that decided John Kennedy’s “future” at Celtic.

He doesn’t deserve to have one.

If we’re keeping him in any capacity we’re doing so out of blind loyalty and not because he merits the decision in any way, shape or form.

The tactics today are astonishingly bad.

Kennedy actually believed that it was a good idea to give the Ibrox players the freedom of the pitch when they were on the ball.

Just before the Ibrox club scored their first, I watched as our players stood in two straight lines, watching them pass the ball and run around them. I watched as they stood off and did nothing.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The second is the same; Celtic players retreating from the ball.

Rigidity in the back line, which is all too easily exposed.

This is not just about players not turning up for business; these are coaching problems, these are issues with the way the team is set up.

You keep on hearing that John Kennedy is “highly rated inside Celtic Park”.

For what, exactly?

Does he make good tea?

Because for the life of me I cannot believe that he is a football coach.

The team looks a little fitter than they did during the campaign when there was still something to win, but it feels ridiculous to write that when we’ve almost finished the season.

Nothing else looks different or better.

Kennedy plainly cannot coach this team out of bad habits, his team selections have been focussed more on “our strongest team” just to make him look good – and they haven’t made him look good – than with preparing our team for the future.

Which means that he’s as profoundly selfish as his predecessor.

His adherence to the tactical set-up that has failed us all season long is incomprehensibly stupid and his decisions to stand off today show that his thinking is reactionary and defensive rather than adventurous and courageous.

John Kennedy is a second rate coach and would be a third rate manager.

Whatever he is valued for within our club it is not for any discernible talent in the areas which matter to his job.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people at our club who did think this guy was a potential director of football or at least were willing to try him there. This raging mediocrity has already risen farther than he ever would have in an organisation built on ther meritocratic principle.

As barmy as the idea is, it is no less ridiculous than the grotesque spectacle of him in the dugout, masquerading as a manager.

That failed experiment is the last act of this disastrous regime.

I look forward to the day, not too long in the future, when none of its executors are at the club.

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