Kennedy Gives The Celtic Fans The Truth. The Record Still Runs With The Lie.

Image for Kennedy Gives The Celtic Fans The Truth. The Record Still Runs With The Lie.

Two days ago, The Sun wrote the stupidest article about our club since the turn of the year and perhaps one of the stupidest in many a year.

It said that Kennedy was being lined up, by the club, for the director of football role, a claim so plainly idiotic I was appalled by how many lent it credence.

It took just one day for it to be utterly shot down.

The man who shot it down was Kennedy himself.

There have been no discussions with him about the position.

He described the story as something “made up.”

You could not get a clearer denunciation of a mainstream media piece from its subject.

There was a time when the rest of the press would have crucified The Sun for what was, in essence, a piece of pure fiction.

Nowadays they all copy and paste each other’s nonsense, and so no story is ever truly abandoned even when it’s plainly garbage as this was. Kennedy made it clear that there was not the least bit of truth of fact behind the piece.

It should have been dead.

Instead, the next question he got was about whether he’d want the job, a job he’s got no chance of ever being offered.

When he refused to rule it out somehow this absolutely barking notion, which should have died the minute Derek McGregor transmitted the thought from his brain to the keyboard, got a third day of news … and it’s still going.

The Record is today giving it fresh oxygen, claiming that because Kennedy hasn’t denied it he must be still in the running.


Kennedy knows the story is mental, which is why he so ruthlessly stamped on it, and he did although the media, for whatever reason, wants to keep the idea alive.

Of course he’s not going to say he wouldn’t be interested if they offered to him; what were they expecting the guy to do?

Point out his lack of qualifications?

Say that Celtic would be mental to consider him?

Honestly, that this is being taken remotely seriously in the media just goes to show the intelligence deficit at the heart of the press in this country. They haven’t a clue.

There’s no part of this story which is in any way credible, but they are promoting it nonetheless.

This is why nobody trusts a word most of them say; our media is an unpardonable disgrace.

Promoting this kind of dreck when real stories aren’t getting written.

It sums them up.

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