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Lawwell’s Legacy Was Clear At Wembley, Easter Road And Ibrox Today.

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Looking at it today, the calculus is surely easy enough for even the dumbest Lawwell fan to understand.

His legacy – what he leaves behind – is visible in three places.

At Ibrox, where Steven Gerrard has been re-invented as a swaggering conqueror; Easter Road, where a Celtic team half comprised of players who won’t be here next season playing under a manager who better not be turned in a dire performance to leave us 25 points behind them; and at Wembley, where the man he thought he was smarter than and better than has just led Leicester City to the first FA Cup in their whole history. It is an incredible summation of Lawwell’s total failure.

Celtic is tonight in a dire place. Of the £9 million we got for Rodgers and his backroom team, one third of it went into Lawwell’s pocket, his “bonus” for the successes the Irishman had achieved at our club.

He had done as much as, if not more than, any other person to make sure that Rodgers didn’t hang around, but he took home £3 million and we hired Neil Lennon.

The consequences of it are obvious if you’re only half looking.

We devolved into an utter shambles, and we still are because he’s been unable to close a deal for a director of football or a manager although the hunt has been on for three months.

It’s embarrassing, all of it, and most particularly that this geezer thinks it’s appropriate to wander around our club for another month pretending to be fixing the mess he’s made.

We are supposed to take ourselves seriously as a club; here’s how serious we are.

At right back today we had a loanee who doesn’t look worth a damn.

We sold our own two starting right backs in January, when there was still a chance of winning some silverware.

Look at the right back who just won the FA Cup; that’s Timothy Castagne; he was one of the players Rodgers wanted for Celtic in the 2018-19 campaign and who Lawwell’s dithering and poker playing failed to get.

People overlook how big a disaster that was because we also missed out on John McGinn.

I’d argue that was an even bigger blunder, as today has made clear.

Leicester City, a club without the history or support or weight of our name, have a world class manager who has led them to the Champions League as an unfancied team in one of the toughest football environments there is … we have John Kennedy and some Friends of the Man and the results of that are clear.

Lawwell won his battle against Rodgers, he proved who was “the man” at Celtic.

But upon Rodgers arrival we swiftly became the most successful club in Scotland since the Lions. He won seven trophies out of seven and set such high standards that Lennon himself was carried along on the wave of them for a year after he left.

But that was never going to last; standards crashed, the team lost belief, the fans could see the regression and even then this joker waited and waited and waited so as not to seem like he was admitting his mistakes.

We are here because of that.

We are here because of him.

Peter Lawwell, what a legacy you’ve left us … the biggest rebuilding job in 30 years, 25 points behind Ibrox and looking at the tanned chancer prancing around Wembley with another trophy as all of us wonder what might have been.

What might have been had you departed Celtic a lot sooner.

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