No Celtic Stars Up For Player Of The Year. What An Indictment Of Their Season.

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You could not get a bigger indictment of how this season has gone than the news, today, that there is not one Celtic player in the running for the Player of The Year awards.

It is a joke, to be frank. I’ve seen Celtic players snubbed at these things due to blatant bias; this is the first time that no Celtic player has ever deserved to be on the shortlist.

Our players have escaped a lot of the criticism for this campaign.

When I put together my list of the Guilty Men at Celtic this season (you can read it at the link at the bottom of the piece) I put them behind Lawwell, Desmond and Lennon.

But I have to be honest, that was generous of me in some ways because they deserve as much stick as anyone.

I have never seen a football campaign where the squad, all of it, was so stunningly inept and looked bereft of quality or motivation.

Even in years gone by, where the team wasn’t particularly brilliant, there have been members of the side who have stood out and given us something even when the rest have not.

This year, not one footballer deserves to be recognised.

To me that’s a shocking indictment of this team and the general attitude around it.

It is to the eternal shame of all these players that not one of them has done enough to merit inclusion in the final list from either their fellow professionals or the sportswriters.

I cannot remember a time when there wasn’t at least one Celtic player on both.

There is a lot of blame to go round here, but can any of these footballers honestly say they’ve given everything for the cause? Their fellow pros and the media heartily disagree and whilst you can scoff at the idea that only Ibrox players are “worthy” this year what cannot be denied is that Celtic players have proved absolutely unworthy.

David Turnbull – one of the few bright sparks in this campaign, but nowhere near good enough to merit inclusion on the player of the year list – sat in front of the media again today and said the team realises it’s important to perform in the last two matches; no, what was important was to perform in the 36 games prior to the last two matches, and these players shouldn’t be under any illusions about that, or that their overall displays have been good enough.

I frankly don’t’ care whether they find something in the last two games, these are end of season friendlies now with nothing whatsoever at stake for any of them.

They have squandered every chance they’ve had in matches where something has been on the line, and I’m pissed off listening to them make promises they have failed to keep time and time again.

Honestly, all these players can do for us now is get through the next two games and then piss off for their summer holidays and those who aren’t keen on coming back shouldn’t feel any need to do so.

Because they’ve betrayed the supporters this season and we aren’t going to forget that.

More than that, they’re an embarrassment to themselves as professionals.

Not one of them has justified honours or awards, not one out of an entire cadre of well-paid athletes who until this season had won everything in their path.

They should all go home and spend the summer under the covers in shame.

You can read The Guilty Men At Celtic here.

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