Shane Duffy’s “Celtic Nightmare” Is Not Over. Celtic’s “Shane Duffy Nightmare” Is.

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The Scottish press has a great ability to piss me off with the smallest of things, and this example is no exception to that.

Today Shane Duffy has been sent back to England after a colossally bad move up here ended in disastrous performances and his finally being left out the team.

There was nothing whatsoever to credit his time in a Celtic shirt; it was like something from a fevered dream watching him at times. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse or piss you off more it found a way to. He was awful to watch.

The Scotsman has chosen to put the following ludicrous headline on the story; “Shane Duffy’s Celtic nightmare over as £3m loan flop ‘sent back to Brighton’”

So it was Shane Duffy’s nightmare, was it? Did we somehow forget to pay him for all these months? Was he locked in a Glasgow hostel eating floor shavings? No, none of that is true. Duffy has been well paid to sit in the stands and watch as we toil.

Which is an improvement for us than his being on the park, it has to be said.

The nightmare was ours, not his.

We pissed away a right few quid on this guy and he hasn’t remotely justified any of it.

That headline is blatantly dishonest and ridiculous.

Duffy was a drain on this club for the whole of the campaign, and whilst you wonder why there was such a difference between the player we watched in England and the one who came up here what cannot be denied is that he was a dreadful signing and bringing him here was a huge mistake.

That mistake has now be corrected.

How dare the media attempt to make us the bad guys in this.

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