TalkSport Continues To Be Pig Ignorant Of Celtic And Scottish Football.

Image for TalkSport Continues To Be Pig Ignorant Of Celtic And Scottish Football.

We come again to this bizarre place where we need to discuss the “opinions” of charlatans and halfwits, and as weary as it makes me there’s a need to keep punching on this running sore.

Because some of our fans take this stuff seriously.

The latest of these folk to “have their say” on our club without knowing the first thing about how things work at Celtic behind the scenes isn’t really the latest at all.

He’s a frequent “critic” and this is just his latest cheap-shot with an easy headline.

I can’t really be bothered trying to comment intelligently on Simon Jordan who is the proof that a certain type of “success” in life in no way relates to how smart a person is. His stupidity is notorious.

His lack of self-awareness, which is one of the hallmarks of someone with a giant, unconstrained ego, is the stuff of legends.

When you have a man who was once chairman of a football club which he managed to run into the ground giving our directors lectures on how to run theirs it’s a cause for laughing out loud, not for treating the comments with any respect.

Our directors, for all their incompetence at the present time, have somehow managed to run a winning football club which stayed solvent.

How do you imagine they did that?

He took a club that was solvent and managed to make it … err … insolvent.

If our board ever needs advise on how to do that we’ll be sure to give this joker a ring.

He’s lecturing them on their “inability” to pick a manager in time.

He actually has a case there, and the CV to prove that he was much quicker at it.

In the first three years of his tenure as Palace chairman he hired six of them.

Which is amazing until you sit down and process it; five failures in three years. Quite the achievement. The one success was Ian Dowie, and he quit to go to mighty Charlton and the club sued him for it.

He hired another two managers after that and sacked the first.

The second jumped ship when Jordan’s own dreadful decision making almost sent the club to the wall.

The wider issue is that whole station, which views Scottish football with total contempt and yet slabbers all over Gerrard.

This is the station which, for years, got its “north of the border” updates from Keith Jackson … I mean, if you were trying to shoot your own credibility with enough holes to strain tea that’s who you’d pick for your Scottish football “insight.”

That station hates us.

It hates our club. Alan Rough doesn’t tip the balance in our favour.

Its frequent guest lists include reams of our enemies.

Jordan is a pure fool who self-defines as an Ibrox fan.

One of his cohorts is a sniggering village idiot who has never said a sensible thing in his life.

I can’t ignore this waffle because I wouldn’t be doing my job if I did.

But honestly?

I don’t know why anyone else bothers.

Yet they do … and as long as some of our fans pay attention to that lot I’m going to continue to slap back at them.

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