The Daily Record Is Preparing Another Pitiful “Celtic Snubbed” Story.

Image for The Daily Record Is Preparing Another Pitiful “Celtic Snubbed” Story.

The Daily Record is gearing up for one of its favourite past-times; writing the “Celtic snubbed” or “Celtic were too late out of the traps” story. This tale of woe is about the Hadjuk Split defender Mario Vuskovic and how he’s ready to move to Italy.

I mean a few things are obvious here right away, the first being that as we don’t have a manager we’re in no position to be trying to sign £5 million players.

I said when this story broke that it sounded like arrant nonsense, which only took a moment’s thought to be revealed as such. Who at Parkhead is going to sanction that before someone is in the dugout?

Yet somehow this story gained widespread credence, and was taken seriously.

I really understand why, or why there’s a perception that we’re missing out here.

The initial story was clearly the work of people close to the player trying to push other clubs into expressing an interest … it succeeded in that, but I very much doubt that we were ever at the races.

That’s not going to stop a lot of Celtic fans slagging the club over this “failure” and it’s certainly not going to stop The Daily Record.

This “blow” to Celtic won’t keep anyone at Parkhead up tonight, but that’s not the purpose of it; it’s purpose is to make us look like we’re dithering again.

In truth, we are dithering because until a manager is in place we can’t even start transfer negotiations … but knowing that, I’m not about to start slagging the club for failing to complete them.

If we were interested at all in this guy it never moved past the point of putting him on a list of options.

Do I believe we ever got past that? Of course not.

We never made an offer so we were never in the race.

We’re not “losing” the guy and we haven’t been snubbed.

We’re just taking too long to get the other pieces in place.

I’ll accuse the club of what it’s guilty of, but I’m not spending my days looking for things to be pissed at them for.

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